My name is Graham Barrett. My cricketing career has largely been a viewing brief, the high point of which was the Ashes tour of 2010-11, documented in my blog: http://gettingtothepitch.blogspot.com/

The madness of Lockdown led me to playing and filming a full Ashes test match with the cricket game Owzthat. If you have exhausted all other avenues to relieving your boredom then by all means take a look: https://spinningsquare.wordpress.com/

Thankfully, some kind of sanity was restored and I hit upon the idea of my very own Ashes podcast. I didn’t fancy the big hitters. Or rather I didn’t think they’d fancy me. What about the players who had only dipped their toe into the shallow end of Anglo-Antipodean rivalry? How many cricketers had only played in one Ashes test? Cricinfo was duly consulted, spreadsheets were assembled and the project had legs, or at least baby steps.

Hope you enjoy the resulting podcast. It’s been a blast, a bash and a smash putting it together.

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